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Working with pranic channel. M Kothumi

Working with pranic channel. M Kothumi

Amada Elsa, we describe how to work the pranic channel and means at the cellular level, we know you are all more or less knowledge of how the fields etc, or prana, but let's talk about how it will develop in the coming months.

Each and every one of you, you are subject to constant input of energy these days, from last years here on earth, some on a conscious work for them, others perceive and regulate it and others do not know yet happens, but suddenly need to rest a few days to make changes in your life and make it so simple ...

What is really happening in you?, that the internal wiring all have, ie your prana, it will dilating, is taking shape, as you call light tube or pranic channel, and it consolidates, is what many religions or groups call it being in the center or axis.

Well the main function of this axis is formed, an internal channel in the subtle body, passing through the interior of your physical body, and allows them to vibrate, is to decide permeate the physical body first and your energy body and second auric field so that all in how your external reality, it seems very complicated but are doing it for years, so the importance of choosing what to give us inner peace, because the greater the intensity, the greater realization, i more chaos and simplicity can be projected, the reality is that they will find it increasingly impossible to sustain the chaos, as the incoming energy and especially of the next 11/02/2011, is only to show what you are prevented from joining with himself, and into the light energy, joy and abundance (meaning abundance, being in his life, that everything necessary to reach its correct time and to have freedom, time and come out to be with others.) Does

how, what and when?, Leave it to the universe, just listen, listen to that voice that says I can not help with this or I can not desire, nor do I want to hurt anyone, but I will not go dañándome. That is the voice that you, listen and take time for fear or respect, are trying not to hear it .... well with the incoming energy, would be impossible, as the prana is unified, reconnecting in all quantum fields by June and is to be a great conductor cable, where the energies of Gaia or the Universe can happen in a continuous flow, to collect what they necessary and allow to continue his trip to the excess energy, so that through you arrive at your environment, etc, and so continue its journey and awakening impregnating others, or intertwined with other planes of consciousness.

Recently, one of the farms, which have felt more revolution, is the neck and heart ascended, occupying nearly the same physical space, but with reservation, the throat chakra is located in the neck and its role is and many more communication, and promoted the heart chakra, which shares the solar plexus, 3chacra, thymus, 4 chakra and throat chakra, goes through and between our windpipe , and the vocal cords to deliver the vibration of our hearts integrated voice of our higher self, or Ka energy (it is very easy to verify, please call hands on the neck and shout a word, any table for example, then breathe, and pronounce Lam, will as in the first case moves jaw neck ... and the second, vibrates inside the neck to the palate, this is the difference between the two cases).

When the Ka or universal energy, is fused with the Ki, Chi or vital energy and universal, is when the two energies begin to build the internal network "electrical wiring" that we communicate with the outside, but in a consent , and this network must be impeccable start, because its use will be forthcoming shortly, and if there are locks is when the shorts come ....

Another function, Prana most important, will be to compensate for the energy, ie the supplies, so that you understand it, when a will already be entered in connection with his life and his prana, the energy system self-regulating, they are in a cold room, its body temperature increases to compensate and produce more oil, or do Kalos, burn fat and make up the steam, because this has always happened in the physical body, so goes the subtle body, that is, as you walk steadily , synchronicities are given without any effort, if not given, is that something is still locked in you, do not despair and with a simple exercise, may change or life will bring them very easily now as something or someone or a situation, to which you submit voluntarily is hindering them yet. To learn and regulate the truth.

So let it happen, your body to integrate all the new, though his mind are anxious because they do not know where it goes, at any time, as hereinafter linear time and generates anger breaking ball time where everything happens simultaneously, for the good of the time.

We know that's a challenge, the hardest time they are going through, not knowing where to walk, but if you know you have to walk as in 3 dimension all i predictably full of goals, and that in his mind overwhelms them, well then, calm down and tell your mind that if it is true not know where to go, but if you can recognize where they no longer want to go, because they led to nothing. That is the true meaning of the incoming energy.

We regulate the prana, and internal channel, ie where all information is gathered, take shape and go abroad as electromagnetic waves that allow them to communicate and link awareness to carry out anything in their lives, It's vitally important to begin to clean, leaving food toxins, emotional, and sensory areas, so that communication is carried out smoothly and without any double reporting, that's what they do toxins, unfolding reality, creating voids that lead to them could be occupied by others (manipulation) or fears, which in any case, it happens not to meet the responsibility to be oneself and ability to empower or abroad, who can not recognize you, well it's time to rebuild their way back to the unit and its ability to unify, to resume their free will, free of toxins and from the prana, the true engine, this generator.
As it is time to begin to restructure, the channel we propose a simple and quick exercise to enable them to transmute the ducts and the central axis, without going into details, quickly and effectively aligns them with their identity and they can see their work, materialized out, in the form of what you call results favorable.

That is important, that if when I performed, energy stops or does not rise, the longer working there until you can climb a little higher, like an elevator, if you fail the first floor is because you can not reach the second by the weight, then make the second part of the exercise a few days and no more a day may keep up the prana, there is more or less level of consciousness, that is misunderstood about consciousness, but what really matters is to understand and balance is achieved, before absorbing more or could you read 3lbs while, in fact, not two, as the eye can only pick one.

Beloved is very simple, just have to breathe well, anchored again in Gaia, that is, breathe two or three times and displayed as a beam of light up either blue or bright white, that fills them with energy from the soles of their feet, to the crown chakra, and from there extends to the universe, go slowly breathing , gently, and ask ki or vital energy to the universe, to descend, and you fill all your physical body with golden light, to get out of the base chakra crown chakra, and from there to her legs and feet, a foot below you, enter the star farm called Gaia, located an inch or so of you, the one who keeps his awareness of this embodiment, and thus the pace of the present incarnation, and Hence the core of Gaia. Breathe in again and visualize, as an infinite constant, energy is directed to you, that is a ray of blue light, perhaps with light shades of turquoise, Gaia begins to rise and then gradually turns on itself itself, forming an infinite light, but when passing through the center of the first infinite, is forming a new one up, one by one, like a finger recorriéramos a zipper, side by side forming infinite, and as they rise to the base chakra, will regenerate and restore the core, as a balancer, as if desatascáramos a fireplace, and rising vertically one after the other, and up to the crown chakra and gain a little more, once there, visualize if we could get, as the light becomes a beautiful waterfall, which allows us to extend that power by all the laos, in a cascade of light that surrounds us.

Sometimes we can find, that if there is a blockage, that energy can not come up for us at that time, just let them turn round on themselves, as if drawing a circle, as if they were moving the blades of a fan, as many days as needed, or maybe just one time, and when this line will undoubtedly get rearranged, by itself. And continue your journey, vertically through the channel, pranic.

Gradually, will reprise his breathing and energy that are rooted viewing or visualizing roots, or, seeing as the prana, stretches for the lower end, to the core of the earth, and connected with him. Breathe in again, gently move your body and then when they sit down, open your eyes gently.

Thanks brothers for their care, with love says goodbye Kothumi.

Please spread this message. Any question can ask, thanks again, Elsa


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